Studio Tann the artist is the creative outlet for Tim Hagan: professional Music Producer / Composer / DJ / Remix artist. As Studio Tann he is not constrained by client requirements and draws influence far and wide from sonically beautiful ambient soundscapes to commercial RnB, from Harajuku J-pop to hard-core hip hop. Imagine a mutant love child of Bjork and J Dilla genetically fused with the DNA of Aphex Twin and Timbaland.

Original Works



48 Ways 2 Live

Featured on the Headroom Vol.1 compilation out now through Frequency Lab.

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Dirt Frame

Error $oul

Error $oul by Studio Tann “Here’s a lovely slice of bottom heavy glitchy dubsteppy biz, care of Studio Tann, also known as DJ Jonah. I’m loving it.” The Orange Press

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Studio Tann has also been featured on Aus Electronic Beat Comp. & AM Frequencies compilations.